Rules of the Roleplay Forum

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Rules of the Roleplay Forum

Post  Dialga on Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:50 pm

Hiya, everyone! I know the main point of this website is Roleplay, and that is why there needs to be a few rules.

1. You are completely free to make your own Thread. However, if no one has posted in 15 days, it will be automatically deleted. Sorry, but I have no control over it.
2. Absolutely NO sexual content. If it ever gets that far, just post "fades to black."
3. Don't ignore others. I encourage you to get all of your characters involved with one-another so no one is left out.
4. Description in posts. We want at least 2-3 sentences in each post, so the other person has an idea what to reply.
5. Be kind to others. If someone's charrie is being mean to yours, it doesn't necessarily mean that they don't like you. If you be nice to others, it is likely they will react the same way.
6. Please be careful with grammar. I understand that sometimes you don't feel like making a good post, but it is completely necessary. We all make mistakes here and there, but make sure your post doesn't look like a jumble of letters and numbers.
7. No major curse words are permitted. Hell, ass, and damn are okay, just don't go any further than that. People like myself sometimes have their parents stalk your posts, so we don't want anyone getting in trouble.
8. Keep your charries under control. No more than 10 charries are permitted. After that it becomes to be a problem for almost everyone at the Roleplay.

Your Admin,

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Re: Rules of the Roleplay Forum

Post  iRenae on Mon Jun 18, 2012 1:18 am

OMG It's been exactly a year! I first saw this while passing by this site today and saw "Dialga posted June 17" and I looked at the date on my computer and I was like ">:O TODAY IS THE 17TH I MUST BE PHYCHIC." But then I realized it was from 2011... and I was like "awww...."

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